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I’m lucky enough to live on the beautiful island of Lanzarote. I love the Spanish culture, the ‘tranquila’ lifestyle and all that hand-waving and passion of the language!

Not content with learning to speak the language myself or the joy of communicating with my new Spanish friends, I decided I’d like to TEACH the language too. Not in any boring ‘textbook’ kind of way… I’ve seen the eyes of my students glaze over when the grind of reciting verbs gets too much! I’ve discovered how practical use of the language in conversational workshops, learning by your mistakes and fun-filled activities boosts confidence and inspires students to do more.

I want to use modern platforms to share the magic with people like yourself… (you’ve found your way onto this page, so I’m guessing you have more than a passing interest!)

Ready? Great! Let’s get started…

My Spanish journey began back in 2005…

I had been learning the basics at a class created to teach the language to foreign students. We were a mixture of German, Italian, Chinese and me, English. There was no “common language” so the lesson was taught fully in Spanish. With the help of miming, drawing and a lot of improvisation they got the message across and slowly we each started to communicate…

Living in Spain meant we could practice hard away from the class, which I did, and loved every moment. I joined a Spanish Gym, had Spanish neighbours, so I practiced hard and learned fast. Then one day a friend commented that I “seemed to be doing alright with the language” and would I teach her once a week and in return she’d cook dinner… and that is how the seeds of my teaching career were sown!

Fast forward to today and my successful Spanish language business, The Spanish Coach. I’ve discovered that I have the patience and flare to help all ages and learning abilities to master the essentials by moving away from the stuffy old-school methods and replacing them with a FUN learning environment and support materials. I LOVE IT.

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Janet, I want to express my gratitude to you for teaching me Spanish. I have always thought teaching was a gift which you either have or not. You possess that gift in spades.”

Tricia, Student

“After our lesson today, I had our fibre installed and actually CHATTED with the engineer! OK, not a very exciting chat, but a little conversation in Spanish nonetheless!”

Gina, Student

“Thank you so much for this afternoon Janet. Just what I needed, and probably more helpful than the past tense. I’m really looking forward to next week!”

Siobhan, Student