Practice Makes Perfect: The Puzzle Book

Practice Makes Perfect: The Puzzle Book


Coffee break puzzles to help you improve your Spanish

Got 15 minutes? You’ve got time to practice and improve your Spanish!

This bumper book explores real, everyday topics and vocabulary that you will need and use regularly. From food & drink to the family, from shopping for clothes to visiting the doctor, Practice Makes Perfect includes puzzles, activities and all the vocabulary you’ll need across 20 chapters to boost your learning in a fun – and, importantly, memorable way!


I have been teaching Spanish to the English ex-pats since 2005. Unlike at school, where learning a language is usually a chore, my students have wanted to learn the language quickly in their new Spanish home, so any shortcuts to help were always popular.

My emphasis has always been on making learning fun, never a chore. By applying the “little and often” rule, things quickly start to fall into place, building confidence and fluency. Crosswords and puzzles have always been popular with my students as a fun way to “lock in” vocabulary.

With this in mind I’ve collated a series of puzzles for you, to help you master some everyday words along your language journey. The puzzles are short enough to complete during a coffee break.

The clues are in English but the answers in Spanish. So kettle on, and let’s start practicing!!

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