How long will it take me to learn Spanish?

Well, it will also depend on what level of Spanish you are hoping to achieve?

If you’re only expecting to ask for small stuff or begin a little friendly chat, you can learn the common expressions and should realistically only take a few months to remember. However if you’re looking to acquire some true conversational skills you have to realistically give yourself up to a year, depending how dedicated you are and how quickly you can grasp the concepts. Applying the actual language with people who speak it, is a challenge in itself and takes a long time.

Learning the grammar basics is essential, then developing conversational and compositional skills is the second phase. Attending conversation groups speeds up the process immensely – you can practice your new language, get corrected, expand your vocab … all at the same time! Here at the Training Room there are twice monthly Speak Easy conversation sessions for Beginners & Intermediate levels and monthly Talk Like a Native workshops for Intermediate & Advanced levels.